Our Story

Everyone wants versatile and beautiful jewelry to complement their signature style. We know finding those perfect pieces is difficult, and next to impossible if you don’t have the luxury of splurging on fine jewelry.

It seemed that as fashionable but economical women, we had to constantly choose between cheap, trendy knock-offs and high-end, designer jewelry. As we struggled to find pieces that were chic yet reasonably priced, we found it harder to keep our skin from turning green than to stay within our budget.

That’s why we launched Minimal Jewels--if we couldn’t find what we wanted, we would make them ourselves. As friends, family, co-workers, and strangers began to take notice, we opened an online shop to share our favorite delicate designs.

Our timeless styles are designed with the modern woman in mind, who won’t compromise quality or style. Minimal Jewels is fashion-forward, and designed to outlast those constantly tarnishing, cheap alternatives and to outshine even the most dazzling diamonds. Our goal is to provide timeless jewelry that empowers the modern woman to make smart investments without compromising quality or style. We think that our pieces are the perfect finishing touch for every ensemble, from casual to black-tie, and hope you do too!

Connie & Julia